A Tour into the Old Town of Santorini

On the foot of the Profitis Ilias Mountain, just a brief 6 kilometres from the funding of Santorini Fira, exists a virtually deserted town referred to as the Old Village, Palió Chorió. Additionally known as Mésa Gonia or Episkopis Gonia, this village was a major negotiation of Santorini till the disastrous earthquake of 1956. Its inhabitants were forced to relocate to the neighbouring coastline of Kamari. You can book a Santorini private tour and visit the most known villages.

Book a Santorini day tour to visit Episkopi Gonia

Episkopi Gonia was known given that the 10th century A.D. for its a glass of wine manufacturing and it was also house to the excellent 6-domed canava of the catholic Monsignor of Santorini. A cave-like wine cellar sculpted in the rock of the hill. As the town was close to the winery of Santorini, several residences and estates included canavas. Nowadays, the few habitants that have actually returned have actually done so in order to restore the rich viniculture of the village.

The most popular of Episkopi Gonia’s sites is the church of Panagia Episkopi. It was built in the 11th century A.D. by the Oriental Emperor Alexios Komninos. The church showcases substantial sculptures and also icons, some dating as far back as the 11th or 12th century. It is the most essential Oriental antique of Santorini Island. The event or Panigiri of Episkopi church is held on August 15th and it is a grand feast with food, wine and typical online songs.

Episkopi Gonia has extremely few citizens, and a handful of enchanting tavernas that offer delicious, traditional food. 2 of the islands wineries, Ktima Argyrou and also Roussou Winery are both available to the general public. Taste a glass of wine samplings of their tasty red wines and also tours to their typical canavas. The distinct design of the whole village is a real trip into time, right into times of magnificence, of pirates’ stories, stories of knights and warriors. A walk in the Old Village of Santorini is a real experience right into the history of the island.

The Top 10 Churches of Santorini


The island of Santorini, just like the remainder of Greece, is abundant in attractive churches that praise the wondering design of the Cyclades. A huge portion of Santorini’s churches is cave-like, comparable to the one-of-a-kind homes sculpted in the rocks of the caldera. The remainder, immaculate white with the trademark blue domes are picture-perfect. A photo unmistakably associated to Santorini and also the Cycladic isles.

Famous Old Churches in Santorini

Although the churches of Santorini number more than 600, we have selected the 10 most fascinating churches. With Santorini private tours you can visit most monuments!

  • Episcopi or Mesa Gonia is the most essential Byzantine monument of Santorini, positioned in the Old Village of Santorini, Episkopi Gonia.
  • Panagia Sergena near Vothonas is a small temple carved in the volcanic rocks that was used as a refuge from pirate strikes.
  • The church of Sotiras at Karterados has a Venetian design, with tower-like steeples.
  • The enforcing Panagia ton Eisodion at Megalochori includes an impressive steeple, a wooden holy place of splendid artistry, numerous Russian icons as well as an unique, sophisticated calendar with complex paintings for each day of the year.
  • Theotokaki, in the kasteli of Pyrgos is one of the earliest churches on the island dating back to the 9th century.
  • Panagia Matrona in Finikia, one of one of the most lovely churches of Santorini and possibly the most favourite.
  • The abbey of Profitis Ilias near the village of Pyrgos for its impressive design but also for the awe-inspiring panoramic sights of the island.
  • The Catholic Cathedral of Fira, a baroque-style church with an excellent clock tower is dedicated to Saint John the Baptist in Fira.
  • Panagia Malteza at Imerovigli took its name after the island of Malta where they found the symbol of Mother Mary. The red and also black bell-tower is genuinely splendid.
  • The Mitropolis of Fira, including some beautiful murals and also a breathtaking sight of the caldera.
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Choosing safety door for your Safe Room or Panic Room

Choose your safety door wisely

A Panic or Safety and security room can be any sort of room in your home that you can make use of in instance of an emergency scenario, that you feel safe and secure in. It can be your kitchen area, living room, bed room or maybe your young person’s space. Any one of these rooms can be your safe haven using the right safety door (portes pyrasfaleias) to protect it.

Imagine you have a room in your house with strengthened wall surface, gorgeous security doors and bullet resistant residence windows that look like regular fittings in your residence. That’s especially just exactly how a Safe Room need to look in 2020. We are not in 1980 where things are dark, harsh as well as resemble a cool jail cell.

There is a stereotype that a Safe Room or Panic Room need to be a devoted space in your house. This is not so. Exactly just how do you intend on collecting your entire relative in addition to getting them all into that location, when somebody with poor intension is including your stairs at that very minute? It’s hard.

First off, you require obstacles to stop them. Secondly, you need to have a strategy. With some easy dead time defence treatments, such as high-security doors, you will certainly have enough time to collect your household and also position them in safety and security.

What to put in a Safe Room

When preparing your safe area for a twister or typhoon, you will certainly intend to think a little bit much more long term. Prepare yourself to suffer the tornado and then to wait days if not weeks up until EMS can get to you. You ought to be prepared to leave your risk-free space as well as stroll to safety if needed. Assume that the remainder of your house will certainly be ruined and the only points you have in that area will certainly be readily available to you to make it through on.

  • Food and water (for 5-7 days)
  • Food for animals
  • Medical Products
  • Extra prescribed medicine for anybody in the house
  • Radio equipment
  • Battery charger for cellular phone
  • Axe/pry bar (if you require to burst out of your area)
  • Warm Clothes and Blankets
  • Masks
  • Additional collection of clothing and shoes for everybody in your house
  • Life vest (if in a hurricane/flood zone)
  • Rainfall Jackets
  • Gloves
  • Extra boots for everyone
  • Flash light (with additional batteries)
  • Multi tool/knife
  • Rope

So where should you built your Security Room?

Normally, it would certainly be your significant bed room, as that is where you keep your essential valuables. However, this is not the instance for households with youngsters. Due to the fact that instance, a panic area should certainly be your youngest young person’s bed space. The thinking is rather simple, your youngest is the most vulnerable subsequently it would certainly make one of one of the most sense to have that room as the variable of protection. All you after that have to do is encounter their area and additionally closed the door behind you, as opposed to attempting to wake the kid up and likewise rushing them into your area or any kind of sort of other area in your house.

It appears fairly frightening, as well as additionally with any type of luck it won’t happen to you, this is simply a preventive activity that can call for to avoid the unbelievable, like a seatbelt in the car.

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